Famous Spring Water “Kanro Water” in Niseko

The famous spring water “Kanro Water” in Niseko naturally springs from a water drawing station located in front of the hotel. The name “Kanro Water” dates to August 1954 when Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun visited Hokkaido and stayed at the Niseko Grand Hotel.

During their visit, Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun were delighted with the cold spring water, referring to it as “Kanro” (sweet dew). In commemoration of their visit, the spring was later named “Kanrosui.” The water drawing station is located right across the road from the hotel, attracting many visitors on weekends. You can enjoy Kanrosui in the 1st-floor front lobby to refresh yourself during your travels. The tap water in guest rooms is also Kanrosui, ensuring safe and pleasant use in your room.

Silica is an essential mineral in our bodies, aiding in skin hydration and collagen regeneration. A lack of silica can lead to decreased immunity, osteoporosis, joint weakness, and skin issues. To prevent these, a daily intake of 10-20 mg of silica is necessary. Kanrosui contains 50 mg of silica, which is five times the national average for spring water.

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