Enjoy Niseko

Aquatic Infrastructure

Niseko Famous Water "Kanro-sui"

Natural spring water "Kanro-mizu" in the Niseko mountain ream
It is a mellow, slightly sweet cold spring water.
Please enjoy the famous water produced by nature.

Aquatic Infrastructure

Sightseeing activities in Niseko

Activities where you can interact with nature
Seasonal scenery
Healing Hot Springs
Niseko has a lot to do.

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Delicious food in Hokkaido

A colorful appetizer based on Japanese "Colorful Box" with three tiers,
A variety of Japanese and Western buffets,
Please enjoy the taste of Hokkaido.

Hot spring pouring and rejuvenation hot spring

Niseko Kombu Onsen "The Largest Garden Open-air Bath" Seasonal Scenery

Surrounded by rich nature, garden open-air bath
You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons while soaking in the hot spring
Enjoy hokkaido's fresh, seasonal meals
We look forward to your stay in Niseko


Niseko Grand Hotel and nearby tourist attraction map

Niseko is rich in nature at the foot of the Niseko Mountain Range and Mt. Yotei.
Active skiing in rivers and forests in summer and winter sports with high-quality powder snow are popular in winter.
And there are plenty of hot springs in this area, and it has become a popular tourist destination for a long time.