- "Moist" and "Smooth" Two types of spring quality -

Niseko Grand Hotel's hot springs have two types of spring qualities, sodium chloride spring and sodium bicarbonate spring, each with different characteristics.

Moist hot water

[Sodium chloride spring] can be expected to act like lotion that can moisturize and replenish.
It wraps the skin like a veil with thin salt ingredients, makes it difficult to release moisture and heat from the skin, and the skin will continue to be "moist" and "hokahoka" even after bathing.

Smooth hot water

[Sodium bicarbonate spring] can be expected to have a soap-like action that removes dirt and old keratin in the skin.
The skin becomes "smooth" and "smooth".

In addition, the pH value of these two types of hot springs is 6.42 for [sodium chloride spring] and 7.31 for [sodium bicarbonate spring], so it is a skin-friendly hot spring.

- "Metasilicic acid" to make beautiful skin -

"Metasilicic acid" contained in hot springs is said to be a natural moisturizing ingredient.
This ingredient, which is also found in cosmetics, promotes skin metabolism and rejuvenates the skin.
It can also be expected to adjust the ceramide of the skin.

"Metasilicic acid" with excellent skin beautifying effect is generally effective for beautiful skin if the content is 50 mg or more, and if it is 100 mg or more, it is said that it is a strong skin formation hot water.
Niseko Grand Hotel's two sources contain 254.7mg and 262.9mg of metasilicic acid, respectively, and have a content above the national average.

When taking a bath, please apply it like lotion on your face or in places where you are worried about dryness.
You will notice the smoothness of the makeup paste and razor the next morning.

~ Garden-style mixed bathing open-air bath -

Niseko Grand Hotel's garden open-air bath is a mixed bath, and families and groups can take a bath together.
(There is also an open-air bath for women only)

~ Our hot spring is "rejuvenating hot spring" recommended by the hot spring sommelier ~

The hot spring of beautiful skin is a source certified by the "Association to Protect Hot Water for Beautiful Skin" based on its own standards.
We have certified facilities that emphasize the freshness of hot springs and protect the "beautiful skin power of the source".

Definition 1: It is a private source
The source owned on the premises of the facility. The distance from Izumihara (the place where the hot spring gushes out) to the bathtub is short, so the degree of deterioration of the hot water is small.

Definition 2: Free flowing from the source
100% of the source is poured in and free flowing without circulating filtration.

Definition 3: Beautiful skin spring quality, beautiful skin effect ingredients have reached absolute amount
The quality of "bicarbonate spring", "sulfate spring" and "alkaline hot spring", which are hot springs for beautiful skin,
In addition, the beauty skin effect component has reached the defined standard amount due to side effects.

Susumu Kuze, Representative of The Hot Water Protection Association of Beautiful Skin (2-star Hot Spring Sommelier)