Source name No.1 (iron orezumi) No.3 (sodium spring)
Spring quality sodium / chloride / bicarbonate spring Sodium / Chloride Spring
Izumi-wen 53.6°C (4°C) 65.9°C (3°C)
PH 6.42 7.31
Perceptual testing Colorless and transparent / Weak kanmi / Odorless Colorless and transparent / Weak kanmi / Odorless
cation Sodium ion 571.4mg Sodium ion 628.8mg
Potassium ion 86.0mg Potassium ion 119.9mg
Magnesium ion 48.2mg Magnesium ion 96.7mg
Calcium ion 93.6mg Calcium ion 122.5mg
Manganese ion 1.6mg Manganese ion 0.3mg
Iron (II) ion 5.6mg Iron (II) ion 2.0mg
Iron (III) ion Iron (III) ion
Ammonium ion 1.2mg Ammonium ion 1.2mg
Lithium Ion 1.0mg Lithium ion 0.8mg
anion Fluoride ion 0.1mg Fluoride ion
Chloride ion 956.4mg Chloride ion 1068.0mg
Hydrogen sulfide ion Hydrogen sulfide ion 0.1mg
Sulfate Ion 151.5mg Sulfate Ion 144.5mg
Hydrogen carbonate ion 476.0mg Hydrogen carbonate ion 832.3mg
Carbonate ion 0.1mg Carbonate ion 0.9mg
Phosphate Ion 2.3mg Phosphate ion 0.6mg
Non-dissociation components Metakeic acid 254.7mg Methanoic acid 262.9mg
Meta-boric acid 31.8mg Meta-boric acid 35.0mg
efficacy Neuralgia / Muscle pain / Joint pain / Frozen shoulder / Motor paralysis / Joint stiffness / Bruises / Spraisal / Hemorrhoids / Chronic digestive diseases / Chronic skin diseases / Recovery from illness / Recovery from fatigue / Health promotion / Frail children / Chronic gynecological diseases / Sensitivity to cold / Cuts / Burns / etc.

April 26
Registered Analysis Organization Hokkaido No. 12, No.1 Kishimoto Clinical Laboratory Center Tomakomai Head Office