On December 15, 2023, 28 Western-style rooms and a dinner venue were reopened.

~Guest room~

It has been reborn as a modern and chic room as "Comfort Plus +", and it is a space where you can relax and relax even after enjoying the hot spring.
The concept is to make the room simple and comfortable, increase the + of the customer's heart, and make you feel at home.
As for the bathroom, there is only a shower room so that you can enjoy the hot spring flowing from the source.

~ Dining Venue ~

We have renamed it "Sky Restaurant ~WA and more~" and devised a new menu as a place where you can enjoy a colorful box of Japanese food and a half-buffet of Western food.
At dinner, we prepare a three-tiered "colorful box" of colorful appetizers based on Japanese, and enjoy the excitement of opening each heavy box and the colorful appearance that spreads the moment you open it.
Please enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western buffets together with the "Colorful Box".

This winter, please enjoy the Niseko Grand Hotel, which has been reborn with high-quality hot springs.