Information on the resumption of do minwari.(Additional on April 27)

〇 Schedule:Check-in on Tuesday, March 22, Reiwa, and check-out on Wednesday, June 1, Reiwa 2044It has been extended until the stay of.

However, both accommodation and day tripsFrom April 29, Reiwa April 29, 2044 (Friday) to May 8, Reiwa (Sunday) eligible for "Dominwari"So please be careful.

〇 Target audience:Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata residents are also available

Available to Fukushima residents from May 9。 Pre-order sales will start from noon on April 27. )
〇 Purpose of accommodation: Accommodation as sightseeing and travel. ※Not applicable for business purposesIt comes to.
〇 Terms of use: ※ Registration of "silent meals" and "silent baths" that minimize conversations when eating or bathing, Hokkaido Corona notification system, etc.

Negative proof of vaccination or examination 3 times when used by non-Hokkaido residentswill be required. (Regardless of the number of days elapsed after inoculation)
Hokkaido residents have been vaccinated for more than 14 days since the second vaccinationthat you are doing.
(3) Pcr tests are subject to not expired. For PCR testingWithin 3 days from the date of sample collection, and 1 day from the date of sample collection, the antigen qualitative test is within 1 day from the date of collection of the sample.

(4) The notification of the inspection result is "(1) Name of examinee (2) Test results (3) Inspection method (4) Laboratory name (5) Sample collection date (6) Examiner's name (7) Expiration date] is required.

* Children under 12 years old are not required for the above (1) to (4)
* At the time of check-in, present a driver's license, a road such as an insurance card, an ID that shows an ID that shows that you are a citizen of Hokkaido, or a certificate that the results such as vaccination or PCR test are negative.
* We will ask you to submit a "consent form" to prevent infection.
* In order to ensure that travelers can travel safely while avoiding the risk of infection, the hotel has posted "new travel etiquette" as a "new travel etiquette". Each person is mindful of preventing feeling, please enjoy a safe and secure trip.
It is necessary to be able to prove the address of all customers on the day (driver's license, insurance card, student ID card, etc.). If you forget, the discount will not be applied

〇 Discount Contents The discount amount is in stages for the case of accommodation use of 3,000 yen or more, and discount according to each rate.
Discount: Up to 5,000 yen per person per night.

Up to 5 consecutive nights (up to 5 nights in the same facility) )
1 night per person
3,000 to 3,999 yen Discount / 1,000 yen
4,000~ 4,999 yen Discount / 2,000 yen
5,000 to 5,999 yen Discount/ 2,500 yen
6,000~ 7,999 yen Discount / 3,000 yen
8,000~ 9,999 yen Discount / 4,000 yen
10,000 yen or more discount amount / 5000 yen

〇 "Hokkai-do support coupon" content.

"Hokaido Support Coupon" is a coupon that can be used at eligible facilities in Hokkaido.
We will give you a "Hokkado Support Coupon" for 2,000 yen per person.
(Customers who have paid the accommodation fee of 3,000 yen or more are eligible.) )
(Note: This does not apply to accommodation charges.) )
Coupon usage period is from check-in date to check-out dateIt comes to.
It can also be used for use in the hotel's restaurants and shops.

〇Apping method: You can apply from the hotel directly by phone and the official reservation site, some travel agencies, tourism associations and other accommodation operators.

〇 Reservations for the hotel are [by phone] 0136-58-2121

〇 If you wish to receive a discount at "Do minwari" because reservations that have already been reserved for eligible people are not eligible,
Please call the hotel above.

* There are compliance matters in the use of "Do minwari". Please be sure to check before making a reservation*
【Infectious Disease Control】
・ When eating or bathing, "silent and silent bathing" with minimal conversation
Mask wearing
・ Do not have loud conversations in the building.
・ Use of the new coronavirus contact infection application COCOA or
Registration of Hokkaido Corona Notification System (only for those who can use it as a smartphone owner)
・ Follow the instructions of the facility regarding infectious disease control
If you do not comply with the efforts of "Do minwari" and the request of the museum regarding infectious disease control, this support will not be eligible.
・ Full cooperation in active epidemiological surveys conducted by public health centers
・ If you know that you are a rich contact person during the trip, immediately
Report to the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Tourism (tel: 011-206-6896) and follow the instructions of the public health center.
・If an infection with the new coronavirus infection is confirmed after travel, immediately report it to the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Tourism (tel: 011-206-6896).
・ Submission of a written consent to the effect of complying with the above