"New Hokkaido Style" Declaration of Peace of Mind

We, the operators, will work on "7 habits" to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections!

1. Staff will wear masks and wash their hands frequently.
・ Wearing masks and enforcing cough etiquette
・ Thorough hand washing, gargling, and hand disinfection

2. We will thoroughly manage the health of our staff.
・ Thoroughly measure the temperature at home before going to work and wait at home in case of fever
・ Implementation of temperature measurement and health check when commuting to and from work

3. Provide regular ventilation of the premises.
・ Implementation of ventilation by opening regular windows and entrances in the lobby and common areas

4. Regular disinfection and cleaning of equipment, instruments, etc.
・ Installation of a large number of alcohol disinfectants in common areas in the building and disinfection when cleaning common areas in the building
・ Disinfection when cleaning guest rooms and installation of disinfectant

5. We will work to reduce opportunities for person-to-person contact.
・ Social distancing to ensure a certain distance (about 2m)
・ Installation of transparent vinyl partitions to prevent droplet infection at the front desk (reception)
・ Installation of placements and footprints to limit the number of people and ensure a certain distance between restaurant seats

6. We also encourage our guests to practice cough etiquette and hand washing.
・ Temperature measurement upon entry
・ Wearing masks and enforcing cough etiquette
・ Calls for hand washing and hand disinfection with alcohol
・ Raising awareness through bulletin boards, etc.

7. We will use in-store notices and websites to actively inform customers of the store's initiatives.
(Visualization of infectious disease countermeasures)

Niseko Grand Hotel