10October 5th (Tuesday) October 6th (Wednesday) One-day hot spring information on changing business hours

Information on changing business hours for one-day hot springs

October 5th (Tuesday) -October 6th (Wednesday) Due to guest use, other cleaning, etc.、The business hours of the day trip hot springs on both days will be changed.。

We apologize for the inconvenience and cooperate with all users.、Thank you for your understanding.。

Yet、Because the time is different each day、Please check before using.。

* Tuesday, October 5 11:30~14:Reception admission until 00 15:Leave the bathhouse by 00
(You can also take a garden-style mixed bathing large open-air bath until the same time.)

※October 6 (water) 11:30~15:Reception admission until 00 16:Leave the bathhouse by 00
(Garden-style mixed bathing large open-air bath、14:It will be available from around 30 onwards)