6From Tuesday, June 1st to Sunday, June 20th、Information on changing dinner time and liquor serving time at dinner

On this occasion、The state of emergency has been extended and it has been decided in Hokkaido to continue requesting restaurants to shorten business hours.、The hotel also starts on June 1st (Tuesday)、Supper closed until June 20th (Sun) Closing time、20:I will change it to 00。
Also、18 last hours for ordering alcoholic beverages at dinner:Up to 50、Offer is 19:It will be finished by 00。
Closed 20:Thank you for your cooperation so that you can finish eating and drinking by 00.。

Yet、After June 21st (Monday), 17 will be open normally:30~21:Until 00。
Last order time for drinks including alcoholic beverages 20:It is scheduled to be until 00、Depending on the spread of new coronavirus infection in the future、It may change again。
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.。