"New travel style" reservations have started accepting hotel calls。

We have started accepting reservations for "New Travel Style"。
The "new travel style" that thoroughly implements measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus、Don't use the word Dominwari、I will guide you。

As of April 2、Available days are every Saturday in April within the target period、The schedule is April 29th (Thursday).。
Regarding reservations、Since it is sold face-to-face with a limited travel agency、We recommend that you make a reservation after confirming with each company.。

We are also accepting direct telephone reservations to our hotel.。Phone number 0136-58-2121。 
As of April 2, the area covered by the hotel is limited to Shiribeshi, Iburi, and Hidaka.。Also, as a condition, use by one person or limited to use with a roommate。Maximum number of nights per trip is 2 nights。(There is no limit on the number of purchases)

New travel style thumbnails

* Handling of "new travel style" business。Strict matters to be observed when using
➀ Infectious disease countermeasures ・ When eating or bathing、Implementation of "silence / silent bath" with minimal conversation-Wearing a mask-Do not talk loudly in the hall-Use of the new coronavirus contact infection app COCOA、Or register for the Hokkaido Corona Notification System (only for those who can use it as an owner of a smartphone, etc.) ・ Follow the instructions of the facility regarding infectious disease control.

➁ Questionnaire survey ・ Answer to the "new travel style" questionnaire

➂ Others ・ Full cooperation with the active epidemiological survey conducted by the health center ・ If you find out that you are a close contact during the trip、Immediately Hokkaido Ministry of Economic Affairs Tourism Bureau (phone number:Report to 011-206-6896)、Follow the instructions of the health center ・ If a new coronavirus infection is confirmed after traveling、Immediately Hokkaido Ministry of Economic Affairs Tourism Bureau (phone number:Report to 011-206-6896) ・ Submit a written consent to strictly observe each item of ➀➁➂ above.
the above、Since it is a strict observance matter、reservation、Please check again before using.。

* All hotel staff are working on prevention and prevention of new corona infection、Reservation for accommodation in this "new travel style" business、I look forward to working with you。